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I started this site a few years ago and have not written much since early 2020. I leave this site as is because I created it and I’m proud of it. Thank you for visiting. 🙂

  • Glossary of Lessons: Ten Rules for Being Human
    I created this handy glossary in case you get curious about the lessons identified in my Ten Rules post. These definitions/explanations are my own and will be explored in future posts (so don’t get too hung up on the details!).
  • Ten Rules for Being Human
    The Ten Rules provide a helpful roadmap – not a magical formula that you can use to make all of your problems go away. Each rule has its own set of lessons that you resolve in order to lead a more fulfilled life. How you deal with these lessons will differ in kind and magnitude. The rules are about coming to realize – and accept – that life is a compilation of positive and negative experiences, and that all of the answers you seek lie within.
  • Six Strategies To Increase Gratitude In Your Life
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  • The In-Between Phase of Your Life Is NOT A Bus Stop!
    There are times when an experience changes you profoundly, marking the end of life as you know it, and heralding a new way of being. These experiences can be as challenging as the sudden death of … Read more
  • Moving Beyond Revenge Fantasies & Learning To Forgive
    Forgiveness means letting go of past hurts and grudges. It’s about moving forward without holding the offender responsible for your pain and suffering. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes is just as important as forgiving the offender. … Read more
  • Cultivating Self-Awareness In A Selfie World
    What does it mean to be self-aware? Is it about being confident in who you are? Is your sense of self aligned with others’ perceptions of who you are? Or do you find yourself coming to … Read more